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"While Krieger hints at elements of landscape across her canvases—spherical shapes for rocks and boulders, dynamic lines climbing up and across the canvas for trees—she is really after an expression of what occurs in the atmosphere, far above ground, and how those occurrences affect what we can see, feel and touch back on the earth’s surface. Through the artist’s unique mixture of materials, applied with her signature expressive and bold brushwork, Krieger tackles what is in constant flux—the sunlight, rain, electrical storms, thunder, wind and air." 



January 2016


Born to Design by Sandy Keenan
Photography by Eric Piasecki

MODERN Magazine
Winter 2016 issue


"As with her earlier paintings, Krieger takes her cue from nature. Her paintings from 2010-2013, more representational than the current work, depict the artist’s reflections of the nature preserves, seascapes and woods near her home in Port Washington, NY. Recently, Krieger has taken an exciting directional turn, painting ever more bold and dynamic abstractions of nature and nature’s forces. Krieger continues her reductive process to reveal mood, energy and nature’s fickle temperament through expressive brushwork and loose strokes.  Atmospheric swaths of golden hues, blues and silvery tones are intersected with linear and swirly elements that could be read as tree trunks, branches or clouds; and spheres that may at once be understood as boulders, planets or the sun. Yet, these geometric shapes and lines act as so much more than nature’s physical features, but serve to anchor the canvas and ignite the warm washes of atmospheric color."  —Susan Eley

April 2015

Restful Retreat: Designer Mark Epstein Creates a Soothing Environment for a Family That's Always on the Go.

Photography by George Ross
New York Cottages & Gardens


Rachelle Krieger's Poetic Paintings

The work of Rachelle Krieger transports nature indoors.  She has a way with skies and trees, often portraying their roots and bark weaving through in different tones and color.  Branches always curve in her paintings.  She occasionally paints outdoors.  When I walk out into nature I feel the same poetry of movement I see in Krieger’s pictures.

Krieger’s poetic trees bend and sway. There is a kind of calligraphic dance in her line quality.  Often there is the use of beautiful greys, with other sometimes-muted colors all rendered with a lyric, painterly intensity. Sometimes in her work there is a storm brewing, and sometimes spring is breaking through.

Krieger questions the nature of perception and reality.  It’s landscape, nature, and the outdoors but she is also after something more.  She thinks about time, as well as positive and negative space.  She states that something that can seem the most insignificant can have something beautifully hidden and then be revealed in the act of painting.  That sounds like life itself!     —Marsha Ralls

Rachelle Krieger: Opening Reception
A fun one-minute video of the opening reception at SEFA

Rachelle Krieger: A Closer Look
This six minute video documentary reveals the thoughts and process behind the latest paintings

"Rachelle Krieger’s oil paintings are inspired by breath, air and water, and painted after visits to the rocky coastline of her hometown, Port Washington, LI. Teetering on the edge of abstraction and representation, Krieger’s lush paintings depict trees that swerve under dense clouds, and rocks, steadfast under hot, yellow skies. These paintings are not about the land, however, but act as metaphors for the mood shifts and stormy feelings we all experience. This is Krieger’s second solo show with SEFA, following the success of Semblance (2010)."

June 2012

Works For Me,
by Anita Hamilton
TIME Magazine

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August 2011

5th Annual 
Artist VIP List, 

by Nada Marjanovich
Long Island Pulse Magazine

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"It takes a pretty bold person to attempt to capture the sky. And a pretty humble artist to catch it. It’s a gentle balance and it is the aim of this painter who uses sumi-e ink and watercolors, drawing, scraping and scratching at the boards that host her exploration of surrealism: 'I’m trying to get a little lyrical.' Her work has been primarily about nature, grouping series in periods of a couple of years to a handful, but it is the recent shifts in technique and approach that have brought a new direction to her renderings. 

Fundamentally, change first manifested in the focus of her subjects. Krieger went from concentrating on structured and organized formal gardens to the 'chaos and decay' that time brings about in nature. The shift happened as a matter of serendipity, while the artist was painting at sands point preserve, but it took hold viscerally for a woman whose main life events have coincided with storms. The very essence of nature’s yin-yang is now at her wrist as she couples the formalism of landscape plein air painting with evocative abstraction. 

Her springboard is 'the power of the storm, and of nature, as a metaphor for our lives.' The panels are her interpretations of breadth and 'the expansion of breath' that is physiologically experienced when contemplating the sky, whether it be moody or gentle; though her tendency is towards the stormy. The works are not sad, though, and Rachelle feels 'people will relate to the storminess—on a personal level—and also respond to the expansiveness.' "
—Nada Marjanovich

July 2011

"Summer Selects" Exhibit at
Susan Eley Fine Art, NYC

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"Painting en plein air and in her  characteristic expressionistic style, Rachelle Krieger gives us Sky Against Rocks III and a recently completed triptych in similar blues and grays, in which she explores air and breath." 
—Susan Eley


EAST VILLAGE, NY- Borrowing from the famous quote by Helen Frankenthaler, “There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen…” the Dorian Grey Gallery is proud to present our next exhibition: NO RULES, East 9th Street Revisited, 1951-2011. This exhibition celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the ground breaking East Ninth Street Show by featuring many of the pioneering women who participated in that historic group show here on E. 9th Street in 1951. Together works by these legendary  painters are displayed alongside the next generation of female artists who continue the tradition of going against the “rules” of painting and sculpture. A diverse selection of work are presented by such noted talents such as Elaine deKooning, Perle Fine, Helen Frankenthaler, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, Claire Falkenstein, Judith Pfaff, Erin Hudak, Cecile Brunswick, Rebecca Alston, Shellie Schneider, Rachelle Krieger, and Susan Libby Siegel.

September 2010

The Heckscher Museum of Art — Long Island Biennial

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"Much of Rachelle Krieger’s recent series was painted and completed en plein air at Sands Point Preserve near her home in Port Washington, NY. At times, the weather was so inclement that she had to tie the canvases to the easel to prevent them from blowing away.  

Favoring loose, bold brushwork, Krieger captures the essence of a landscape through a reductive process that reveals the structural essence of trees, rocks and other natural elements in her surroundings. This method results in near abstractions of particular places. Krieger’s rich palette, textured surfaces and raw, stormy brushwork evoke the paintings of Chaim Soutine, Amedeo Modigliani and abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning." —Susan Eley

February 2010

Fundraiser/Exhibit at
Panama Hatties, NY

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June 2007

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