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Introducing Recent Monotype Prints

In July 2018 I spent several intense days with the master printer Marina Ancona at 10 Grand Press in Brooklyn NY, and completed a mini-series of monotype prints. During the time I was working on these, there was a drama unfolding in the news: 12 boys and their soccer coach were trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand and a grueling 18-day rescue was under way. On looking back at the making of these monotypes, I was most likely subconsciously influenced by images of caves and rocks, thinking about cairns that could help mark a trail to exit the labyrinth of the cave.

Information about monotypes: A monotype is a type of print, made by drawing or painting on a non-porous surface (in this case, glass). Each monotype is unique and one of a kind. These monotypes were printed on Arches Rives BFK paper. More detailed information about the monotype making process can be found here.