Recent: Rocks and Rays Series

Rocks and Rays Series: 2012-present

My most recent work is a reflection of the dynamic yet invisible forces of nature that shape our world.  I have always had an unquenchable curiosity about all things relating to science and nature.  As a child I had a monthly subscription to OMNI Magazine, which I would read cover to cover, endlessly fascinated. I especially enjoyed the stories about the oceans and outer space. My imagination would be sparked by the endless possibilities and vastness of the universe.

The recent paintings are an ode to Mother Earth and our environment, and a correlation between art and science. They are interpretations of current scientific research on our natural environment. Right now, the Earth is being orbited by hundreds of satellites circling above and gathering data, recording our constantly changing environment. By tracking patterns of oceanic currents, storms, solar wind, radiation, space weather, bursts of charged particles, and magnetic fields, new forms of information are being pieced together into cohesive images showing that different natural systems are more dynamically intertwined than ever imagined. These natural forces are being revealed as being one vast linked system — a mesmerizing web of phenomena in constant motion. Elements join together and interact, challenging our notions of what is solid, what is real, what is permanent, and what is impermeable. Art, as well as science, is an exploration and an expression of what is infinitely possible and magically present.

“It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.” 
— Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard